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You are a…

Are you a farmer and contractor or somebody who is generally interested in ISOBUS topics, you will want to know, for example:

Which implement can be operated with the ISOBUS terminal of a certain tractor?
Which functionalities are supported by the combination of vehicles?
Or would you like to find out why the tractor, terminal and device do not function properly?

Make use of the manual compatibility check. You will then receive a recommendation which will serve as a basis of what functionality is available for the combination of listed items.

In order to get your dealer login, please contact your contractural parter.

Once the manufacturer has created the dealer account, a confirmation email containing the login credentials will be sent to you.

In order to get access to the AEF Database, please contact the AEF DB admin of your company.

Once the company's admin has created the manufacturer account, a confirmation email containing the login credentials will be sent to you.


With over 220 international member companies the AEF is committed to cross-manufacturer compatibility of ISOBUS products. The objective is to promote smooth interaction of machines, terminals and devices in farming practice.

For more information, please refer to the AEF website.

The AEF ISOBUS Database

Provides the ability to check combinations of products for compatibility and the functionalities they support. This is an enormous help in troubleshooting and selecting products.

As a manufacturer you are able to register your ISOBUS products for certification and upload certified ISOBUS products.

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